Create collections for rooms based on physical features or to use different time periods


You can use Groups to create a collection of rooms - either to represent their physical location (such as sites or buildings) or type of resource (such as computer suites or meeting rooms). Each room group can also use a different schedule for the time periods, which you can configure on a per-session basis.

You must create at least one group, and each room must belong to a group, before it can be shown on the Bookings page.


You can use the green up/down arrow to drag-and-drop the groups to change the displayed order. The new position will be saved automatically.

Add or edit a group

When you create a new group, you can choose which rooms will get added to it.

If you move a room from one group to another group that uses a different schedule, existing bookings on the original schedule will no longer be visible on the Bookings page.