How to add and manage your bookable resources.


Rooms are the resources that users can create bookings for. They don't necessarily have to be rooms - they could be minibuses, sports pitches, laptop or tablet trollies, or other sets of equipment you want to allow users to book - but the primary terminology used in the system is 'room'.


You can use Groups to create a collection of rooms - either to represent their physical location (such as sites or buildings) or type of resource (such as computer suites or meeting rooms). Each room group can use a different schedule for the time periods.

You must create at least one group, and each room must belong to a group before it can be shown on the Bookings page.

Custom Fields

Rooms also support Custom Fields, which can be used to provide extra details to users.

Access Control

You can control the visibility of rooms to users by Department membership using the Access Control feature.

Other details

Each room can also (optionally) have an associated 'Owner' user account, which gives that user the permission to cancel bookings created by other users in that room.

Some of the room details - including custom fields - will be available to users on the Bookings page - either when clicking on the room name or viewing booking details.

Managing rooms

The Rooms page will show a list of rooms in their respective groups. Click on a group name to show or hide the rooms that are in it.



You can use the green up/down arrow to drag-and-drop rooms within their group to change the displayed order. The new position will be saved automatically.

Add or edit a room

When you add a new room or edit an existing one, there are various fields you can complete to provide details about the room. Only the Name field is required, the rest are optional.

Any Custom Fields you have created can be populated at the end of the page.