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Key features

The classroombookings cloud service has been designed to take the hassle out of self-hosting your own system, helping you save time and resources.

Your own database

Each classroombookings installation uses its own dedicated database, isolated from other customers. This means there is no risk of accidental exposure of your data to other customers and improves performance for everyone.

Fast and reliable

Powered by UpCloud, a leading European cloud service provider, the classroombookings cloud platform is built on top of scalable hardware and SLA-backed managed services. Their datacentres are GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

Backed up

Your database is backed up every day with weekly and monthly rotations. It is securely transferred to encrypted storage at a separate provider for additional peace of mind.


All regular updates and maintenance to the classroombookings application, database and underlying operating system is taken care of. You will get the latest classroombookings features before they are released for self-hosted users.

Flexible payment

A range of popular currencies is supported when paying for your classroombookings subscription. Purchase Orders and Invoices, with payments made via bank transfers, are the preferred processes, but you can also pay by card.

Multi-install discount

If you require multiple installations of classroombookings, a discount will be applied to your invoice.

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Book anywhere

The classroombookings cloud platform is deployed in two locations and utilises a global CDN for reliability and speed. Your data is stored in your own database in the region you choose.
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