How classroombookings works for you

Runs on your timetable

classroombookings supports one-week, two-week or any-number-of-week timetable cycles.

Map the weeks of your timetable cycle to the specific calendar weeks of the year to ensure recurring bookings take place when they need to.

Recurring bookings will only repeat at the same time, for the same room, on the same week.

  • Set the date range of the whole school year or by term
  • Map your timetable week cycles to weeks within the date range
  • Add holidays for times when bookings can't be made

Custom time slots

Match your daily schedule by setting up periods that mirror your own time slots.

Different sets of rooms can use their own set of periods so you can run your teaching spaces on a different schedule to your shared meeting rooms.

  • Timeslots that follow your daily schedule
  • Periods that apply only on certain weekdays
  • Different rooms can use different schedules

Rooms and resources

Organise your rooms and resources into different groups, with each group supporting the use of a different time schedule. Add extra detail to each room by describing its Location, setting its Owner or adding an image to show users what it looks like.

If those aren't enough, set up your own Custom Fields to enhance the information you provide to users, such as what facilities it has and how to get to it.

  • Change the order that rooms are displayed in
  • Group similar rooms and resources together
  • Set up Custom Fields to enhance the information provided to users

Access control

Limit the ability to book rooms to specific Departments of user accounts.

Connect classroombookings to your Active Directory or LDAP server to centralise authentication, or import your users from a CSV file.

  • Control access to each room from user departments
  • Two system access levels for users
  • Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP

Not just for schools

You can use classroombookings in a number of scenarios to help your organisation make better use of your resources, and put the power in the hands of your users.

Colleges and Universities

Hire out multimedia equipment to groups of students or staff, or allow users to book whole labs or specialist lab equipment.


Manage your meeting rooms for one-to-one work with clients, or put your shared community spaces to good use.

Private tuition

Help schedule lessons with individual tutors or teaching environments with specialist equipment.

External lettings

Manage the bookings for your sports fields or event spaces.


Make the most of your minibuses or coaches by letting your users book in advance.

Ready to open your rooms to others?

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