Refund Policy

We hope that the trial period of 30 days offers you plenty of opportunity to make sure the service meets your needs before making payment.

However, you can request cancellation of your service at any time, with the following considerations:

  1. Cancellations must be sent via email to
  2. The amount you will be refunded is based on the time since your most recent payment:
    1. Up to 30 days after: receive a refund in full.
    2. More 30 days: refunds will be provided at our discretion and are not guaranteed to be provided in full.
  3. Once we receive your cancellation request:
    1. The cancellation will be confirmed via email.
    2. Your instance(s) will be terminated.
    3. Where applicable, subject to the conditions set out in Section 2, any refund amount due will be returned using the original payment method.