About classroombookings

An introduction and overview.

Classroombookings is an open-source web-based room booking system for schools, designed and developed by me, Craig Rodway. The hosted service is provided through my sole trader business entity, onHover.


It started life in 2006 as a response to the lack of easy-to-use and cost-effective room booking systems designed specifically for UK schools. The software available at the time was limited in flexibility, prohibitively expensive, difficult to set up and configure, or just awkward and confusing to use.

Over time, a number of existing projects have been improved and new cloud systems have been launched.

Classroombookings has always taken a straightforward approach to solving the problem of centralised computer room booking for staff in schools.


The core design aspect of classroombookings are timetable weeks, which is ideal for a common two-week timetable approach used by many schools. Each week in the academic year can be assigned to a timetable week, so you have full control over how calendar weeks are mapped to your timetable.

Each day is divided up into periods or lesson times, instead of time blocks of regular intervals, so that bookings follow your school day exactly.

The bookings page can be configured to use one of two display types; either on a single day or a whole week.


To help support ongoing developments and updates, I launched a hosted service in late 2018. This is aimed at those schools who don't have the desire, skills or knowledge to host web-based systems on-site but would like to use classroombookings.

I want to continue adding functionality and improving it, because it is something I care a lot about.

With the support of and thanks to loyal, paying customers, I can continue to add those new features and provide updates to the software that I created and have supported for over a decade.