About me

Meet the developer

I'm Craig Rodway, a web developer living in Gateshead, UK.

I have always been interested in technology and how things work. When I was introduced to personal computing, I used this oppourtunity and resource to learn and experiment with software, hardware and the internet.

After leaving school, I quickly found a job as an ICT Technician in a secondary school, where I worked for more than eight years. Here, I built upon existing technical knowledge, improved problem solving skills and levelled-up my creativity across a range of roles and responsibilities.

Later, I decided to focus my attention on web development to gain more professional experience in this area. I joined a small company specialising in the development of bespoke websites and software as a service, which introduced me to better practices, improved workflows, and the wider development community. I am now the lead developer at the company, supporting existing platforms and building new solutions.

Outside of technology, I play music in a brass band, enjoy a spot of photography, take to the airwaves uisng my amateur radio licence, and explore the past with my partner through visits to English Heritage and National Trust properties.

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