Single bookings

How to make single, one-time bookings.


Single bookings occur only once on the booked date, and are coloured blue in the bookings grid. These are currently referred to as 'Staff booking' in the legend.


You can create single bookings using two methods:

  • Find a free slot in the Bookings grid and click it.
  • Use the multiple selection feature to select multiple periods on the Bookings grid, then click the Create bookings button. This allows you to create more than one single booking at once.

Singe selection

  1. Navigate to the date, week or room where you want to create the booking.

  2. Find the desired empty slot in the grid and click it.

  3. Review or change the default booking details.

    In this step, some of the options (room, period, department and user) be changed if you are an Administrator user. Other users are not able to change these at time of booking, but the information is still presented to the user as read-only.

    The optional 'Notes' field is available to all users.

  4. If you are an Administrator user, you can also choose to make the booking a Recurring one by ticking the Make recurring box. Read more about these on the Recurring page.

  5. Click Create booking to book the slot.

Multiple selection

  1. Navigate to the date, week or room where you want to create the booking.

  2. Tick the Enable multiple selection box at the end of the bookings grid.

    A checkbox will appear in all the free slots, indicating that they can be selected.

  3. Click one or more free slots that you want to book to select them.

  4. Click the Create bookings... button.

  5. If you are an Administrator user, you will be given the option of creating multiple single bookings, or recurring bookings.

  6. Click the Single bookings option to reveal more fields.

    You can enter details for the Department, User and Notes fields for each booking.

    Click the button next to the field in first row to copy the value to the bookings below.

  7. Click Create selected bookings to create the bookings.

    The page will refresh showing the same view as before, along with a notification about the new bookings and the slots showing the bookings that were created.