An introduction to how bookings work.


The Bookings page is used by all users to view and create room bookings. It is a visual representation of Days, Periods and Rooms, showing each slot's status. A 'slot' refers to the unique combination of period, room and date where a potential booking can be made.


There are several possible statuses for each slot - Available, Booked, and Unavailable.


Slots that are available for booking are completely empty, representing their 'free' status.

Booked (single)

Single bookings are coloured blue, and show relevant booking details.

Booked (recurring)

Recurring bookings are coloured red, and also show relevant booking details.


Some slots are unavailable for a number of reasons. They are shaded with diagonal lines and an icon representing the reason why. You can click on the slot to view the reason why it is unavailable.

The potential reasons for being unavailable are:

  • Holiday.
  • Period not applicable on the slot's weekday.
  • Slot is in the past.
  • User has exceeded their maximum number of active bookings.
  • Slot is too far in the future ('Booking in advance' setting).


The bookings page can be configured globally (in the Settings page) to be displayed in one of two styles: Day or Room. Read more about the display types in the next section.

Booking types

There are two main types of bookings you can make - single and recurring. You can read about these in more detail using the links below.

Only Administrator users can create recurring bookings.


It is sometimes possible to switch between sessions on the Bookings page, depending on your user type and session availability. When this is possible, a dropdown list will be displayed at the top right of the Bookings page.

This feature allows you to view and create bookings in sessions other than the 'Current' one.

The session list will be visible if there are multiple 'Available' sessions, or all the time for Administrator-level users.