Display type

How to use the Bookings page using the two display options.

The bookings page can be configured globally (in the Settings page) to be displayed in two styles: Day or Room.

The axes on the grid can also be swapped using the 'Columns' setting, so you can arrange the category with the most items vertically to make most use of the space.

The navigation bar on the bookings page will be the same colour as the Timetable Week that the selected day or week falls on.


In Day view, bookings will be displayed one day at a time, with the grid showing all Periods and Rooms available on the selected day.

  • Use the calendar icon or date input field to choose a specific date.
  • Use the 'Back' and 'Next' links in the navigation bar to go to the previous or following day.
  • Room groups will be displayed in tab buttons to show rooms in the selected group.

Date selector



In Room view, bookings will be displayed one room at a time, with the grid showing Periods and Days of the week for the selected room.

  • To navigate between weeks, use the 'Previous week' and 'Next week' links at the ends of the navigation bar.
  • To view a different room, choose one from the dropdown list - rooms will be displayed in their groups.
  • To go to a specific week, use the calendar dropdown list.

Room selector

Date/Week selector