Timetable Weeks

Create named weeks to enable recurring bookings, particularly for two-week timetables.


Use the Timetable Weeks section to set up a name for each repeating week in your timetable.

You can then assign the week(s) to the calendar dates in your Sessions.

If you only use a simple one-week timetable, you still need to create at least one week. Most schools using a simple timetable like this simply give it a name like 'Timetable' or 'Schedule'.

Each week can have its own colour, to help differentiate between different weeks in the Bookings page. Select colours from the pre-defined palette or enter your own, in hex format (e.g. 0074d9).

Recurring Bookings

Timetable Weeks are essential for recurring bookings to work. The flexibility in defining the weeks allows multi-week timetables to run throughout the session according to your schedule.

When you create a recurring booking, it is repeated throughout the session on the dates where the timetable week is applied.