Set up the range of time that reflects a typical term or year in your environment.


Use Sessions to create periods of time that reflect academic school years or terms. You can create as many as you need, but only one can be the 'current' session.

Note: Sessions are still required even if you aren't a school or use academic years. In this case, you might want to use the typical Calendar or Financial years as your date range.

The properties of a session and its purpose in the system are explained below.

  • A Session has a Start date and an End date to define its range, which should not overlap with any other sessions.
  • To make dates bookable by users, you will need to assign Timetable Weeks to the calendar dates that fall within the session's date range.
  • A Session can specify Holidays - single dates or date ranges which can not be booked.
  • All bookings are attributed to a Session, and recurring bookings can only take place until the Session's end date.
  • Each Session can specify which Schedules apply to the different Room Groups.

A session is primarily defined by its name and date range. When the current date falls within a session's date range, the session will be automatically marked as 'Current', which means it is the default session users will see and interact with on the Bookings page.

By default, users can only see the 'Current' session on the Bookings page, but you can also choose to make other sessions available for users to select from. This is useful if you want to let users create bookings in advance of a new school year starting, for example. Administrator users can always select from all sessions.

Create a session

On the Sessions page, click Add Session to create a new one.

The session will need to have a name, start date and end date.

If you want users to be able to view and make bookings in this session, you will also need to select the 'Available' checkbox.

Delete a session

You don't need to delete old sessions; they will automatically be moved to the 'Past Sessions' list when the end date has been reached.

Keeping old sessions will also keep their bookings, which means reporting functionality in future versions of classroombookings will be able to see past data.

However, if you want to permanently delete a session and all of its bookings, click the red X icon next to it in the list.