Cloud service documentation

All topics to help you get the most from your Cloud classroombookings system - from getting started and creating users through to setting up your recurring bookings.


Read the suggested steps for getting up and running on a new installation.


How to configure various aspects of the system, like booking limits and display preferences.
Change the name of your system and add your logo.
Set up daily schedules using time periods.
Create named weeks to enable recurring bookings, particularly for two-week timetables.


How to add and manage your bookable resources.
Create collections for rooms based on physical features or to use different time periods
Add extra data to rooms, tailored to your environment.
Specify which users can view which rooms.


Set up the range of time that reflects a typical term or year in your environment.
Map the timetable weeks to the physical calendar dates in your sessions.
Specify the schedules that are used in each room group within each session.
Add single dates or a date range where bookings cannot be made.

User Management

Manage user accounts for people who can access the system.
Add users in bulk from a CSV file.
Use your own AD or LDAP system server to authenticate users and automatically create accounts.
Create Departments to group users together.


An introduction to how bookings work.
How to use the Bookings page using the two display options.
How to make single, one-time bookings.
How to create recurring bookings.
How to view, edit and cancel bookings.