What you need to have to get up and running on your own servers.

Classroombookings is web-based software, so you need to have a suitable web server envrionment to use it. Check the list of requirements below to make sure you have these before continuing.

  • Apache or Nginx web server. IIS has not been tested but it may work.
  • PHP version 5.5 or above, or 7.x (recommended)
  • PHP modules: GD, mysqli/pdo_mysql
  • MySQL 5.x or MariaDB 5.x or 10.x. MySQL 8 not currently supported.
  • Filesystem write access
  • Optionally, Apache module mod_rewrite for clean URLs

Setting up the server environment is beyond the scope of this documentation. Please seek other advice on this area if you don't already have a working web server with the above requirements.