Common questions

General questions

Are there any MIS integrations?

classroombookings does not currently have any MIS integrations. Supporting the wide range of information systems on the market would be a big undertaking for a single-person project, but I am happy to work with interested schools and MIS providers to enable this option in the future.

Is Active Directory or LDAP authentication supported?

Yes, as of version 2.3.0. Read more about this in the documentation.

Is there a read-only view?

No, not at the moment. This is planned for the future.

Does it support a two-week timetable?

Yes, classroombookings supports multi-week timetables. Read more.

Can I pay to have a certain feature developed?

Due to the license and open-source nature of classroombookings, any feature development also has to be made available to the community. If your request is something that will benefit the majority of use cases, I will try to accommodate the development at a reasonable cost.

Self-hosted open source

What license does it use?

classroombookings uses the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). If you make any changes to your classroombookings installation, the complete source code of your modified version must also be made available, and under the same license.

What do I need to run the self-hosted version?

classroombookings needs to run on a web server with PHP installed and a MySQL/MariaDB database. For more detailed instructions, see the documentation.

How can I get support for installing it?

At the moment, no support is offered for installing the self-hosted version.

Hosted service

How long is the trial period?

You can use the hosted instance for up to 30 days to make sure it's suitable. If you need a bit longer, let me know by replying to your welcome email.

What payment methods are available?

Payment for the service can be made by bank transfer, Direct Debit, Credit/Debit Card (paid online) or PayPal.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! I can send you a quote so you can raise a Purchase Order. Invoices will be issued with the PO reference.

What currencies do you accept?

At the moment, GBP, EUR, USD, and AUD.

Where are your servers located?

All servers are currently located in the UK. The service runs from servers in London and backups are stored in Manchester.

Can I have more than one instance?

Yes! There's even a discount for each additional instance. Contact me via email to arrange setup.

Can I migrate an existing on-site installation to the hosted service?

Yes, this is possible, and at no extra cost. When you sign up for the hosted service, check the box for 'migration'.

You will need to supply an export of your current classroombookings database in .sql format, along with any uploaded files (like school logo or room photos, if used). If you need help with any of this, let me know.