Get the latest release for the open source self-hosted classroombookings.

For system requirements and installation instructions, please see the documentation.

You can also try out the demo to get a feel for how it works, or have a look at the source code on GitHub.

Support for the self-hosted version is currently not available.

Don't want to host it yourself?

Not everyone has the time, resources or desire to manage a server and yet another web application. The hosted service is an affordable solution that gives you a fully-managed and reliable booking system that's always up-to-date.

Version Date Release Notes
v2.8.6 19 Sep 2023 View release notes
v2.6.4 22 Jul 2022 View release notes
v2.6.3 29 Jun 2022 View release notes
v2.6.2 26 Mar 2022 View release notes
v2.6.1 02 Mar 2022 View release notes
v2.6.0 29 Jan 2022 View release notes
v2.5.0 27 Apr 2021 View release notes
v2.4.1 09 Dec 2020
v2.4.0 03 Oct 2020

Common questions

What license does it use?

classroombookings uses the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3). If you make any changes to your classroombookings installation, the complete source code of your modified version must also be made available, and under the same license.

What do I need to run the self-hosted version?

classroombookings needs to run on a web server with PHP installed and a MySQL/MariaDB database. For more detailed instructions, see the documentation.

How can I get support for installing it?

At the moment, no support is offered for installing the self-hosted version.