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26 Jan 2019


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Minor fix to day settings for periods and addition of favicon.


  • Favicon to help classroombookings stand out in tabs and windows.


  • Fixed an issue relating to possible issues with period days being shifted by one if upgraded from v1 to v2.

02 Jan 2019


The big one! Major update to support modern PHP, plus other major updates.


  • PHP Requirement for minimum version 5.5, and support for 7.x.
  • Use Composer for dependencies.
  • Database migrations.
  • New installer.
  • New upgrader for v1 => v2.


  • Updated CodeIgniter framework to version 3.
  • Updated all class files for compatibility with CodeIgniter 3.
  • Updated folder structure and configuration file methods.
  • Security updates for HTML escaping.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Bitmask library for period/lesson time days.


  • Header image colour generation.
10 Apr 2015


  • Bug: Minor changes to bookings model to try and handle holidays better when using Single Day view mode.
14 Mar 2015


  • Bug: Fixed issue where a holiday during the week would stop the whole week from being viewed. The page will now display the booking view as expected, but the periods that land on holiday days will be marked as such, and can not be booked.
05 Oct 2014


  • Bug: Fixed error (assuming $this_week) when using one room at a time display mode and no week configured.
28 May 2014


  • Bug: Fixed problem where room info window would display an error when no fields were defined.
14 Apr 2014


  • Bug: Install script would fail to insert initial entries into database under some environments.
  • Bug: "Booking in advance" problem when 0 (unlimited) was used.
  • Feature: Email field can now be empty.
10 Jun 2013


Fixed: A bug has been reported that prevented periods configured on Sundays from being detected on the booking page when using the day-at-a-time booking display setting. This was caused by a misinterpretation of numeric values that are mapped to weekdays.

21 May 2013


Updates to support PHP 5.3/5.4.

21 May 2013