Upgrading an existing Version 2 installation to the latest version.

If you already have an existing Version 2 installation of classroombookings and want to update it to the latest release of Version 2, the process should be straightforward and familiar if you have installed or updated Version 2 already.

Check that your hosting envrionment or server meets the requirements, and then proceed with the steps below.


  • Make a backup of your database.
  • Download and extract the latest Version 2 archive you want to install.
  • The following items in your installation need to be replaced with files from new release:
    • application folder
    • assets folder
    • index.php file
  • Either rename them (e.g. application.old, assets.old, index.old.php), or move them somewhere else.
    • It would be a good idea to keep a copy of them in case the new version does not work.
  • Place the extracted files from the latest Version 2 archive into the same folder as the current installation.
  • Using a web browser, visit the URL of your classroombookings installation.
  • If everything still works, you can safely remove your backups of the application, assets, and index.php file.
  • There is no upgrade process to run, but any database changes that need to be done will be made automatically without any intervention.