A Schedule is a collection of periods that represent the time slots that can be booked during the day.

If you are using classroombookings in a school environment, you would typically create a schedule with a set of periods that match the lesson times that take place in the rooms you are managing.

If you are using classroombookings in a community setting, you might instead want to create a schedule that has a period for each hour or half-hour interval during the working day, for example.

You can create multiple schedules and assign each one to a different Room Group (in the Session > Schedules page), which allows you to operate different rooms on different sets of periods.

When you create a new Schedule, you must click Save first, and then you can start adding periods to it.

In the Periods section, the last row (with the white background) will contain the fields and Save (disk) button to add a new Period. Those fields are:

  • Bookable: when checked, the period will be visible and bookable by users on the Bookings page.
  • Name: the name of the period. If the schedule uses a lot of periods, try to keep the names short so they fit on the screen.
  • Start: start time for the period.
  • End: end time for the period.
  • Mon-Sun weekdays: when checked, the period will be used on these days.

To edit an existing Period, click the Edit (pencil) icon at the end of the row to view the fields. Click the Save (disk) button to save changes.

Period times should not overlap other periods on the same day. This isn't strictly enforced, but periods are always displayed in order of start time, and overlapping times may be confusing for users.